Traffic Auction Overview

Traffic Auction is an International performance Display, Mobile and Retargeting platform.

We help you drive leads, sales or traffic by providing you with industry best advertising technology.

Use our wide range of tools to create highly targeted campaigns for maximum ROI. If you are looking to run display, mobile or retargeting campaigns, our intuitive dashboard can have you up and running in minutes. We also provide you with automated campaign optimization to achieve optimum performance.

Best of all, there are no contracts or monthly fees.
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Maximum Reach

Access over 90 billion impressions, 28 ad exchanges and global inventory representing over 97% of all online reach

Real Time Bidding (RTB)

Data-driven technology that ensures each individual ad is bought and optimized for best performance

Brand Safe Measures

Measures to ensure your ads are viewable and not associated with poor content

Pricing Flexibility

Your budget can be optimized to CPM, CPC, CPA or Retargeting goals

Precise Audience Targeting

Cross Channel, Contextual, Behavioral and Geo targeting to reach your audience across all devices

Creative Suite

Where you can build html5 creative, use beautiful templates or upload your own tags

Clear Reporting

Reporting for transparent and in-depth analytics about campaign performance managed in one place

Automatic Optimization

Machine learning and dynamic optimization to maximize performance

Data Management Capabilities

Collect and host your own 1st party CRM data and combine it with 3rd party data

Easy Access to Major Display, Mobile and Data Partners from One Platform

Finding the right Demand Side Platform (DSP) is key to driving traffic, conversions and sales.

The Traffic Auction DSP integrates with over 28 display, mobile and data partners so that you can access 650 million unique users, 90 billion display and 8.5 billion mobile impressions monthly. This represents over 97% of all online reach.

Within this enormous supply of inventory, you can target audiences precisely and harness the power of our Real Time Bidding technology (RTB) to get the best performance from your campaigns.
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Increase your customers with unparalleled Retargeting technology

Retargeting is an incredibly effective way to increase conversions, sales and brand awareness. It ensures that potential customers who have shown an interest in your brand are encouraged to return to your site. Retargeting is also one of the best ways to combat shopping cart abandonment.

Retargeted customers are 65% more likely to convert and spend almost 50% more than average customers.

The Traffic Auction Retargeting Technology sources the most effective inventory which converts users at the best rates. The result is an unprecedented return on investment for your Retargeting campaigns.

How Retargeting works:

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The Traffic Auction RTB platform gives you unprecedented campaign performance

The Traffic Auction Platform has industry best RTB technology for advertisers and agencies who need great results.

RTB has given new life to traditional display advertising. It uses many layers of data to target ads in real time with unprecedented accuracy.

The platform processes hundreds of thousands of ad opportunities in milliseconds and decides which one is best for your audience and budget.
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